When choosing your roof, there are crucial factors to take into account – besides the kind of material.

 Last month we went through the different types of mabati found in the market today and the benefits they add to your structure.

In this guide, get ready to gain the confidence to walk in any mabati manufacturer or factory with these knowledgeable facts.

So, first things first. What would your first consideration be when looking for a good roof? Is it price? Harsh climate? Is it the supplier or do you go to the person who tells you “ I know a guy who can sell it for less”? If you said price, ability to withstand harsh climate and supplier you are absolutely right.

Today we will focus on three other important factors. That is appearance, durability and warranty.

Roof Longevity & Durability

Make sure the materials you choose will endure. A roof may last as long as possible with flawless installation and ongoing care, but you should be aware of the expected product lifespan. If unsure, speak with an expert; they can advise you on the materials best suited to your requirements.It also rarely makes sense to base your decision just on cost. By investing a little more, you may get a roof that will last for a longer period of time. A cheap roof is no bargain if it needs to be replaced every three to four years.


The appearance of roof material will usually have a considerable influence on the appearance of a home because the roof is generally very visible from the street. In terms of colour, texture(gloss or matte), and kind, the material should complement the outer finish and style of your house.

How does it look with your home? Here personal preference may come in. Respect the architectural style of your home and choose a material that suits its style.

A point to note: A light-coloured roof reflects heat more effectively than a dark one. If you reside somewhere hot or humid, think about using lighter colours. Consider using dark tones if you reside somewhere where heat gain might be more advantageous.

Always read the warranty and understand the coverage options. Pay strict attention to the fine print, especially on whatever may void the warranty.– ADMIN


Before acquiring a roof, make an effort to look for warranties and understand the lifespan of the product. Always read the warranty and understand the coverage options. Pay strict attention to the fine print, especially on whatever may void the warranty.

Some roof brands provide guarantee on their goods – entitling you to free roof repairs or replacement of your mabati from the roofing company when they are required, saving you money.

In conclusion, choosing the right and durable roofing material is very important. We hope the above guide pointed you in the right direction. Chagua Kidani. Visit our website to learn more.