Kidani mabati box profile roof

Which Mabati is best for my project?

Are you a first-time builder? Or are you looking for quality mabati to fit your needs but too many choices in the market are making your head turn? To make your decision making easier, effortless and enjoyable, we will highlight the different iron sheets and the benefits they add to your structure to give you a closer look into . To make your decision-making easier, effortless and enjoyable, we will highlight the different iron sheets and the benefits they add to your structure..

Since each material brings various benefits and aesthetics to your project, choosing a roof that matches your needs and your house is necessary.

What types of Mabati are most popular?

There are several distinct profiles that provide unique benefits and are compatible with various types of architecture. But over time, we’ve observed that Box Profile, Corrugated, and Tile sheeting designs are the most often used. Let’s examine these profiles in detail.

Corrugated Profile

When looking around your neighbourhood, you might see mabati that have ridges and grooves. These are the corrugated sheets. They are bent to create these ridges and curves to strengthen them.
They are affordable, lightweight, durable, energy-efficient and long-lasting. They are a fantastic substitute for clay or asphalt roof tiles. When utilised for metal roofing and metal siding projects, the longevity of corrugated panels makes them appropriate for both commercial and residential settings.
Kidani Corrugated mabati are available in a range of colours and ranges to suit any building, style and environment.

BOX Profile

These are among the most widely used roofing sheets on the market. They represent a substantial advancement over traditional corrugated steel metal roofing and are a relatively recent development.
They are mostly used in agricultural buildings such as stables and bale storage. You may also see them commonly used in the construction of commercial warehouses such as distribution centres and storage facilities.
Kidani Box sheets come in various colours and finishes, you can learn more about the range and finishes available here.

Tile Profile

There’s the Kidani Zig Tile and the Kidani Tile.
The difference is the design. If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing profile that is sophisticated & durable for your project, this is it.
With the Kidani Tile profile, you can expect long-lasting beauty.

Crimpled Profile

Crimped curved sheets are simple to install and offer diversity and creativity that give commercial and residential structures a fresh new look. They also require less structural support for roofs not only offering complete design flexibility but also giving your structure a more aesthetic appeal.

Kidani crimpled mabati are designed with perfection and can be dispatched wherever you are.

Kidani crimpled

Our mabati are KEBS-approved and may be put in a variety of structures, including outhouses, agricultural buildings, workshops, garden sheds, vacation homes, and private or commercial buildings. and are secure for collecting water.

You can call us at 07 08 111 106 to learn more about our mabati.

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