4 Tips for holiday roof decorating!

A person on the roof decorating with outdoor lights

It is the holiday season and we have 4 tips to ensure the safety of your roof when decorating during this festive season.

Choose lightweight decorations

Are you a first-time decorator? Or are you too carried away with the festive spirit that you want your building to light up the whole town with the decorations? 

You can hang a whole Santa figurine on your roof forgetting the hazard it may cause and we could blame it on the Christmas spirit when your roof collapses. But as much as this freedom exists, we still need a roof over our heads the next day, don’t we? Choose ornaments that are lightweight to avoid having to replace your roof earlier than you should.

Don’t use nails

When attaching your decorations, do not use nails on your roof. Even small holes can cause your roof to leak in water. You can call a professional to attach the roof to your shingles if it’s a must for the decor to be nailed. You can also opt for modern solutions like hooks or use duct tape.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

The most important part of the holiday season is to enjoy it. Decorating the roof is not a one-man job since it has added risks of falling or roof damage.

Gather your friends or family members and make memorable and joyous moments together.

Admire the decorations.

You did a good job. You did not stop at the entry. You’ve respected your neighbours by not overdoing the decorations to their side of the roof or fence. All that is left is to admire your work while you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

Happy Holidays!

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